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Steps For Successful Loan Approval

Steps For Successful

Loan Approval

The Get funded program provides The steps to build a successful profile for Your Loan approval. If you are looking For a loan to start a business, buy a business or just a loan to resolve personal matters, this is the right place.

Don't Limit Yourself

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-Term Loans ($10,000 - $5 Million)

-Lines Of Credit ($10,000 - $5 Million)

-SBA Loans ($10,000 - $5 Million)

-Equipment Financing ($10,000 - $5 Million)

-Commercial Financing (Upwards of $100 Million)

Fast Approval !

Same Day Funding

$10,000 - $5 Million

6 Months to 10 Year Terms

Option 1 : Startups

If you do not have a business or your business is making less than $5000/Mo in Revenue, you need to have at least 680+FICO score.

You can qualify for our startup Business Line of credit and our Business/Personal Term Loan, with interest rates as low as 0% for up to 18 months.

Option 2 : Established Business

If you have at least 3 Months in business, and your business is making at least $5000 in monthly revenue, We do have several loans options available for you, such as SBA loan, equipment financing, business line of credit, Revenue-Based Financing and more. Your credit score is not a factor. and you can qualify for up to 5 million dollar.

Documents that be can be used as proof of income include Pay stubs, W-2, Tax Returns, bank statements. (Income might come from W2 Salary or distribution income.)

Option 3 : Credit Repair

This option is for startups That do not meet the credit score requirement, They can enroll in our credit repair program and we will help them boost their Credit score to 680+ so they can qualify for their desired loan.

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"If you are looking for a Business loan or just a credit repair service. I highly recommend the get Funded Program"

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